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wonderbra triangle push up bra
By Rebecca Stevens on

Which Bra Type is Best For Me?

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When buying new bras, it's a necessity to know how a bra should fit and which style is best suited to your shape. Without knowing the style that suits you best, you probably won't get the true benefits of a bra, including the best support, comfort and fit.

Like everything, all women are different, including the shape of their boobs. And although with tonnes of information on how a bra should fit, and the wide access to professional bra fitters, surprisingly, a very high percentage of women are wearing the wrong bra size! An incorrect bra size can cause breast pain and discomfort, which is really easily prevented.

How Should a Bra Fit? And How to Tell if a Bra Fits?

A brand new bra should fit comfortably on the loosest or middle hook-and-eye adjustment. The underband should sit parallel all around your bust, and the underwire should sit at the top of your ribs without digging in and any breast tissue spilling underneath. If the underband is riding up your back, this is also a sign your bra is too big or small. The cups should enclose the whole breast and the cup should fit flush on your boob. A sign the bra is too small is if you have quad boob; your breasts are spilling out the top or sides. The straps should sit firmly on your shoulder, without slipping or digging in. If you find yourself pulling up the straps, you either need to tighten them or try a size down.

Which Bra Style is Best For My Boobs?

There are many unique bra styles which all have similar properties but are individually suited to different breast shapes and sizes. Our bodies are always changing, meaning that like clothes, lingerie can either become too tight or too big.

So, when it's time to buy a new bra, here at BraForMe we want all our customers to feel they have all the information they need. Whether that’s how a bra should fit, what benefits you can get from different bras, or even how a strapless bra should fit.

In this post we answer some key bra style questions and, of course, provide some great bra recommendations throughout. If you're looking for a particular bra or would just like some genuine advice on a lingerie-related question, we would love to help in the best way we can! 

What is a Full Cup Bra?

A Full Cup Bra is the optimum bra style for full coverage. Full Cup bras provide exceptional support, comfort and perfect fit for everyday wear. With cups that encapsulate the whole breast, they're a popular choice for those with a larger cup size. A Full Cup bra with side support provides maximum comfort and support, from side wings, side panels, boning and wider straps. 

Our Recommendations:

1. Best Selling Fantasie Full Cup Bra - Fantasie Illusion Full Cup Side Support

fantasie illusion bra white


2. Full Cup Padded Bra - Fantasie Ana Moulded Full Cup Bra

 fantasie ana full cup bra


3. Full Cup Support Bra - Primadonna Deauville Full Cup Side Support Bra

primadonna deauville full cup bra

What is a Side Support Bra?

Check out our blog post on the best side support bras to find out what a side support bra is, what a side support bra does, and what is the best bra for side support!

What is a Plunge Bra?

A plunge bra is a popular fitting everyday bra which is ideal for wearing under low-cut/low-neckline outfits. The cups create a deep V which enhances the cleavage without being a push-up bra. This style gives support and uplift as the cups are angled, and the straps sit wider on the shoulder. A style which is suitable for all breast shapes and sizes.

What Does a Plunge Bra Do?

Plunge bras accentuate your boobs and create a flattering cleavage. They are great for women with a smaller size as they create the illusion of a fuller bust.

How should a Plunge Bra Fit?

Like all bras, the cups should fit comfortably around your breast, the underband should feel firm around your bust and the straps should fit snug on your shoulders. Due to a plunge bra having a deeper V plunging neckline, more of your breast will be visible but the cups should still fit flush on your boobs with no excess breast tissue spilling out.

Our recommendations:

1. Plunge Bra - Freya Fancies Plunge Bra

 freya fancies plunge bra


2. Push up Plunge Bra - Wacoal Lace Perfection Plunge Push Up Bra

wacoal plunge push up bra


3. Strapless Plunge Bra - Wonderba Ultimate Strapless Bra

wonderbra ultimate strapless bra


Balcony Bra Recommendations

Our recommendations:

1. Fantasie Balcony Bra - Fantasie Leona Balcony Bra

fantasie leona balcony bra


2. Moulded Balcony Bra - Freya Idol Moulded Balcony Bra

freya idol moulded balcony bra

What is a T-Shirt Bra?

A lingerie drawer essential. You may have many t-shirt bras in your collection all ready. T-shirt bras are the must-have option for under t-shirts or any tight fitting clothing. The cups are usually padded, moulded and seam free, creating a smooth silhouette under all outfits. Due to the purpose of this style, t-shirt bras tend to come in neutral/classic colours so they are less visible under clothing. Suitable for any shape or size.

Our Recommendations:

1. Freya Starlight Moulded T-shirt Bra:

freya starlight t-shirt bra

What is a Push Up Bra?

A Push Up bra does exactly what it says on the tin, pushes your boobs up and together. Push Up bras have additional padding at the bottom of the cups to create an uplift. Like padded bras, push up bras give your boobs shape and enhance your silhouette. They create a fuller cleavage which is great for those with smaller boobs as it creates a fuller look.

What Does a Push Up Bra Do?

A push up bra or plunge push up bra, accentuates your boobs and creates a fuller look. With additional padding in the bottom of the cups the breasts are pushed up and central. If you have a smaller cup size and want to create a fuller look or cleavage, a push up bra is a great option. Due to the padding, push up bras aren’t as suitable for those with a larger cup size. If you are a bigger cup size and are looking for a bra that provides flattering cleavage, we recommend a plunge bra.

How Should a Push Up Bra Fit?

The padding in the bottom of the cups should naturally lift your boobs and centralise them, creating an excellent cleavage. Like all bras, you shouldn’t have any obvious overspill or breast tissue bulging. The cups should fit comfortably around your breast shape. 

Our Recommendations:

1. Wonderbra Triangle Plunge Push Up Bra:

wonderbra triangle push up bra

What is a Minimiser Bra? What Does a Minimiser Bra Do?

Minimiser Bras are designed for those with a fuller breast shape. The style minimises the appearance of your breast size. Their structured cups provide full support, coverage and minimise breast movement/bounce. Opposite to a push up bra, minimiser bras are usually non-padded for natural shape and have no additional padding or shaping structure.

Our Recommendations:

Triumph Minimiser Bra - Triumph Essential:

triumph minimiser bra

What is a Bralette?

Bralettes are usually non-wired with no padding. Worn for comfort and minimal support. This style is very popular as they are super comfy. Great for lounging around the house or doing minimal activity and for those with a smaller bust size as you don’t necessarily need the additional support.

Some bralettes are underwired which give more support, a great option for those with a bigger breast size. Longline bras are similar to bralettes in style; however, longline bras feature additional material under the underband that hugs the ribs.

What to Wear a Bralette With?

Bralettes can be worn under clothing or on their own as a bralette top. A longline bra or lace bralette look great under blazers similar to small crop tops or under cropped clothing that allows the bra to peep out the bottom, especially if the additional material is lace.

Our Recommendations:

Fantasie Envisage Non Padded Bralette:

fantasie envisage bralette

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